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We're creating a playful and educative mobile application where children can learn the essentials like colours, numbers, the alphabet all through game and through the examples of their own culture and local nature.

The application will come with a pedagogically constructed tutorials on how to use it for teaching digital literacy in early childhood education. The whole solution is being co-created with kindergartens and university researchers keeping in mind also other 21st century skills like collaboration and presentation.

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Firstly, we are waiting for kindergarten teachers and parents of 2-3 year olds to test the beta version together with children but of course all other interested people are very welcome to join.

Register as a tester here and we will send you a link where you can download the Android or iOS version of the application. 

Co-created with specialists

We collaborate with a range of researchers, kindergarten teachers, education technology specialists etc.


Our games are divided into 3 difficulty levels, so the challenge would be well aligned with the childs development level


The games are built on the examples of the local nature and culture of the child to endorse making associations

We are welcoming families with small children to help us test the beta version of our mobile application and sharing their opinion on it


We are seeking for kindergartens interested in early childhood digital literacy and who are willing to share their opinion on our project


If you are teacher and interested in advising on the mobile content development for elementary school then please contact us on alpa@alpa.ee

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About us

ALPA Kids is a new Estonian EdTech startup

✔ Joined Startup Estonia EdTech Network

✔ Finished Storytek accelerator

✔ Finishing gaming incubator in Tartu Science Park

✔ Active in the most important education technology accelerator in Europe xEdu

✔ Co-creating with researchers, kindergarten teachers, education technology specialists, speech therapists, special education specialists and many others

✔ Collaborating with universities (EBS – Nordic Ideation Camp 2019, Tallinn University ja MEDITELU project)

Testers about us:

Our team

We're all parents and specialists in our own fields!

Our awesome team has experience in mobile development, graphic design, marketing, language technology and much more. And we all have at least one university degree in the respective fields. A part from being co-workers, we are also long-time friends.